I love when you fill me up daddy it makes me cum all over again

Love that flex of the shaft!  I bet she can feel it splashing against the walls of her cunt (: oh god I love that feeling when a guy blows his wad in me!

That moment, when you know he shouldn’t, but you really want to feel him cum inside of you.  I know this moment well, and love it every time.


I. Love. This. Idea.


OMG this is so hot. 2 guys cum in her pussy without even touching her.




My husband had a married friend from work who wanted to fuck me, but didn’t want to cheat on his wife or be seen by me in case I told his wife.  Deal breaker, right? Nope.  My husband convinced him that it wasn’t cheating if he just masturbated thinking of me (he would do that at home anyway, right?), and I would never know because I would be blindfolded.  He and my husband blew the biggest loads in me and the guy’s dick never touched me.  Win-win!

Very hot! Hope hubby licked it all up after

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Some of my followers should make appointments to come to my office for a ‘meeting’, and leave me like this when they’re done… oh I would love that.

Oil and cum… a great combo, right?

So many things my brain tells me are going on here… he just fucked her and pulled out so he doesn’t knock her up and get caught by her husband… or maybe he just walked in on her masturbaing in her room, and jerked off on her?  You think it’s over, or he’s just lubing her up for the next guy to come fuck her right after?  So many dirty things cum makes me think of!  This is why I run my other blog - Contexxxt

What about this isn’t pure fucking art?  (:


Sometimes it’s not just about all you boys popping off all over everyone and everything close by.  Sometimes, it’s just a girls need for a little rub time in her car… sometimes we like to cum too (;

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Happy ending massages… not just for boys! (;

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